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"Poetry is not something we produce, it's the result of living a mindful life.

We write life. We live poetry." - Tim and Regina Gort

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About Regina 

Regina began scribbling poetry in notebooks at a young age - influenced by West Texas deserts and summers with her grandparents on Lake Superior. At 12, the Upper Peninsula pines became home but her travels to the Dominican Republic and her father's homeland, Puerto Rico, imparted wisdom, wonder and wanderlust.  A mother to three daughters, she's a classically trained chef who collects and forages food while hammering ideas into poems as deep as  Lake Superior (in addition to her mean left hook). Regina prefers thimbleberries to huckleberries but will eat either by the handfuls, fresh or jammed atop her morning toast.

About Tim

Tim's memories and imagination are vast. The Great Smoky, Grand Teton, Bear Tooth  mountains hold him while the skin-salt of Pacific and Atlantic oceans woo him between Douglas-fir-dark and sandy beach-light. Despite all of it, he's rooted deeply in his native terrain of Northern Michigan. Three weeks before turning 40, he taught himself to surf the Great Lakes, and is also an avid mountain biker and backcountry skier. Each activity,  a breath, a meditation sometimes  resulting  in consumable poetry - singularly and collaboratively with Regina. Tim prefers fiddleheads to asparagus but will eat either by the handfuls, fresh or lightly sautéed

More about Tim and Regina Gort

Tim and Regina Gort were married in 2002. They are parents

to three girls.

Their first daughter, an identical twin, was born prematurely

and suffered a white-matter-brain injury called

periventricular leukomalacia due to the passing of her twin

in-utero. A few months later she was diagnosed with cerebral

palsy (CP). Her first years of life required constant care and

medical intervention. Their second daughter, born five years

later didn’t have any medical or developmental challenges. 

Tim and Regina’s third daughter was born in 2010: the Year of the White Tiger, which according to the Chinese zodiac is very bad luck. A human error shortly after she arrived resulted in a traumatic-brain injury, and a CP diagnosis similar to her eldest sister. At that time, Tim and Regina became full-time caregivers, in addition to parents and advocates. They left behind their professional careers.

But through a practice of daily meditation, reading and writing poetry, and enlisting the help of a professional poetry therapist, the Gorts discovered a path that changed the fate of their family. In turn, they learned how to walk with their grief, first privately, then openly and finally together. Their first collection of poetry, The Year of the White Tiger, is a result of their hard work to sustain and overcome, and is a true reflection of their love for living poetry, their children and one another.

In 2017, Tim and Regina's oldest daughter, Gwendolyn Willow Gort passed away January at age 14 and In August their youngest daughter, Eliza Madeline Gort passed away at age 7. Leaving them and their middle child, Violet, to pick up the pieces and begin again as a family of 3. Today, as husband and wife, Tim and Regina are poets who write collaboratively and individually.  Tim is currently working on his memoir as father of two daughters with special needs. Regina is currently working on a full-length poetry book about her experiences as a mother and a book about her journey through grief (The Beauty of Grief) which is slated for release in 2018. 

 "Poetry isn't a profession, it's a way of life. It's an empty basket; 
you put your life into it and make something out of that."
Mary Oliver 

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